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By Aditi | July 22, 2011 11:40 pm |
Arcade Games

dizzy-ss1 For all you arcade game lovers, there is an old yet interesting game called Dizzy that is worth trying. Published by Codemasters, this game has been considered as one of the most successful European computer game brands of 1980s. Based around a central figure called, Dizzy, this game won’t bore you for hours due to its interesting gameplay.

Created by the Oliver Twins, this game comprises of a whole interesting series including different games like Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure, Treasure Island Dizzy, Fantasy World Dizzy, Dizzy3 and a half” Into Magicland, Magicland Dizzy, Spellbound Dizzy, Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfire, Fantastic Dizzy and Crystal Kingdom Dizzy.

Playing the Dizzy Game, you will get to roam around different fairyland like locations in order to collect objects. You will also get opportunities to interact with other characters and solve logical puzzles playing Dizzy Game. Allowing you to somersault, this game rolls around the landscape.

So, if you have not tried playing Dizzy Game yet, try playing this game for a roller coaster entertainment for hours.

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